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Work From Home Junior Python Backend Developer / Research + Development / Ref. 0071E (RD)

Django MySQL ORACLE Python



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Descrição da empresa

Sobre a Empresa

BairesDev é uma premiada empresa de terceirização de software em que mais de 500 clientes confiam, incluindo Google, Pinterest, Adobe, Rolls-Royce e muito mais. Nos últimos 15 anos, concluímos mais de 1.200 projetos em 100 setores industriais.

Nossas Soluções

-Desenvolvimento de software personalizado
-QA e teste de software
-Desenvolvimento Front-End e Back-End
-Desenvolvimento de aplicativos Android/iOS
-Modernização e Migração
…e mais

Como Funciona (3 Modelos de Engajamento Flexíveis)

- Staff Augmentation: Nossos desenvolvedores de software em sua equipe.
- Equipes de Desenvolvimento de Software: nossas equipes de software em sua organização.
- Terceirização de Software: Nossos gerentes de projetos e equipes de desenvolvimento de software criam soluções completas para você de forma autônoma.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

At BairesDev®, we've been leading the way in technology projects for over 15 years. We deliver cutting-edge solutions to giants like Google and the most innovative startups in Silicon Valley.

Our diverse 4,000+ team, composed of the world's Top 1% of tech talent, works remotely on roles that drive significant impact worldwide.

When you apply for this position, you're taking the first step in a process that goes beyond the ordinary. We aim to align your passions and skills with our vacancies, setting you on a path to exceptional career development and success.

Junior Python Backend Developer / Research + Development at BairesDev

We are looking for outstanding Junior Python Backend Developers to join BairesDev Research & Development Team (R&D).
Our R&D team is the essential part of our technology solutions that drive millions in revenue every year, so we only hire the best of the best.
Within the team you’ll find many different challenges: Data analysis, Machine Learning, Desktop, and web developments are some of the most relevant right now, but in order to drive innovation, you’ll notice that new things are coming up every day!
The R&D area is undoubtedly the most interesting and challenging area of the entire company, and although BairesDev is conformed of really talented people in general, here you will find professionals with extensive experience and also intellectual and creative levels, far above average.
We want people to enjoy the trip. Are you ready?

What You Will Do:

- Work closely alongside their Engineering and Business Stakeholders to support the delivery of the project.
- Integrate with the DevOps team to execute tasks.


Here’s what we are looking for:

- 1+ year of practical experience in Python and Django development.
- Experience in development with object-oriented programming is desirable.
- 1 year of development using other programming languages.
- Good skills with XML and relational databases (Oracle / MS SQL / MySQL).
- Professional experience working with large data structures (including XML) and algorithms.
- Advanced English level.

How we do make your work (and your life) easier:

- 100% remote work (from anywhere).
- Excellent compensation in USD or your local currency if preferred
- Hardware and software setup for you to work from home.
- Flexible hours: create your own schedule.
- Paid parental leaves, vacations, and national holidays.
- Innovative and multicultural work environment: collaborate and learn from the global Top 1% of talent.
- Supportive environment with mentorship, promotions, skill development, and diverse growth opportunities.

Apply now and become part of a global team where your unique talents can truly thrive!