Vaga Back-End

Site Reliability Engineer

AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Google Cloud Python Ruby on Rails




Salário: Até R$12.000

Não aceita candidatos de outra cidade

Descrição da empresa

Uma rede e plataforma de pagamentos plug and play, certificada e utilizada por adquirentes, PSPs e subadquirentes mundialmente.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

You will be part of a team of bright and talented engineers who are passionate about our vision, which is creating a worldwide smart open payment network.

What you will do
- Improve continuous integration pipelines
- Troubleshoot problems across distributed systems
- Review and update components of the platform following PCI compliance guidelines
- Understande and automate away common problems
- Fix performance issues while improving scalability and availability of the platform
- Deal with production issues as part of a supportive on-call team


What we are looking for
- 5+ years of experience with software development: automation-related experience valued in particular. Scripting languages such as bash, Ruby and Python, or compiled languages such as Go and C are most relevant but others are acceptable.
- Awareness of, and ability to reason about, modern software & systems architectures, including load-balancing, queueing, caching, distributed systems failure modes generally, microservices, and so on. Consequent understanding of monitoring in distributed systems.
- Deep understanding of operating system level concepts such as processes, memory allocation, and the network stack; understanding of how applications are affected by the above, and ability to debug them.

- Experience working with a remote distributed team
- Experience with PCI compliance
- Experience with IaaS such as GCP or AWS
- Experience with PaaS such as Google App Engine or Heroku
- Experience with container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes or LXC
- Experience with CaaS such as GKE or ECS (AWS)
- Experience with the Serverless Application Framework
- Experience with agile development methodology

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