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Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs

Pequena/média empresa

Salário: Até R$8.000

Não aceita candidatos de outra cidade

Descrição da empresa

Empresa de desenvolvimento de software e aplicativos web&mobile.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

Develop and maintain Web applications
Interact with other teams and professionals, including other developers, designers, project managers and stakeholders
Create outstanding front-end interfaces
Make sure the application has a great user experience
Assist in the creation and implement mockups
Develop and maintain Backend solutions using Django, Elixir, NodeJS
Build docker images that can run on top of AWS or other PaaS
Model databases using MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB
Write beautiful, readable and scalable code
Review code of other developers
Make sure the application solves real-world problems
Understand the needs of our partners and come up with solutions for their problems
Participate in Sprint Plannings and daily stand-up meetings
Build estimates and plan roadmaps


Experience with Javascript, CSS and HTML
Familiar with ReactJS and/or other Single Page Application libraries
Experience with Git
Experience with RESTful backend applications, specially built with Django
Experience with deployment processes using Docker, CircleCI, AWS, Heroku
Experience with different databases
Experience with UNIX systems and terminal
Knowledge about clean code, design patterns, and reactive programming
Knowledge about basic design principles
Being self-taught
Being up-to-date with latest news and technologies about Frontend and Backend
English proficiency
Good communication skills, both in verbal and writing

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We offer: health and dental care, meal allowance, stock options, career plan, quarterly bonus, additional benefits, above average salary, flexible working time, geek culture, 24/7 snacks, beers and a unique work environment.