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Salário: Até R$8.000

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Descrição da empresa

Swipe helps financial companies solve everyday problems that affect the entire financial sector: balances are inconsistent and constantly being disputed, communication errors often result in double spending, and reconciliation processes are slow and overcomplicated.

We're here to change that. With just a few lines of code, financial applications can now manage balances and accounts on Blockchain and DLT networks which are built specifically for their use cases and are simple to integrate. With Swipe, companies can already use features never before possible, like fast payments that settle entirely in 5 seconds and are available 24/7, processing power to handle over thousands of transactions per second, end-to-end tracking of all operations, and the ability to represent and transact with any digital asset.

Both open and private networks are in our repertoire. While each are recommended for specific use cases, both are equally used to increase efficiency and greatly reduce costs. Our solution is ideal for e-wallets, remmitance apps, exchanges, fundraising (STOs & ICOs), loyalty programs and others wanting to boost their performance.

The financial applications of tomorrow are just a swipe away. Contact us at

Atividades e Responsabilidades

What you will be doing:

- Scale and improve our existing APIs written mostly in Kotlin/JVM, leveraging upon functional programming techniques;

- Maintain multiple in-house Blockchain nodes;

- Continuous Integration and Deployment into AWS and Heroku;

- Create documentation and automated tests (unit and e2e) for every feature you build.


What we value:

- Experience building software for at least 1 year;

- OOP and Functional programming paradigms;

- Good team chemistry;

- User-centered development;

- Enthusiasm for building and delivering new features and products;

- Capacity to keep learning new things while constantly improving what we are already good at;

- Collaborating efficiently to ship the best product; Not getting attached to features you built - they will change;

- Not getting attached to specific languages or frameworks;

- Have fun while working!

O que nós oferecemos

Stock option possibility