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# About us 🚀

CodeLeap started in early 2019. With a few years of startup experience, Victor decided to start something new. He started working with a few independent clients, and a few freelance projects later, CodeLeap was born to expand his software making capacity and build a brand with the reputation of making good software, very quickly.

With years of experience developing software in startups, making custom digital products was hardly a strange topic, and in the first year CodeLeap managed to work on 7 different client projects, enabling the business to grow and gain traction.

Simply put: our current goals are to expand the app & website making business, improve our engineering efficiency and provide the best possible service by making the best creative and innovative digital solutions that will absolutely delight our clients and their users.

# Why our clients choose us 💼

Over the course of the last year of operations there were many lessons to learn, especially when it comes to figuring out what exactly CodeLeap does, who are our main target market and why our clients choose to work with us instead of many other competitors.

There are many criteria a client has to pick when deciding the ideal development agency to start their project. This is certainly a very important decision for the client in which they are investing a lot of money, so making sure they choose right agency is absolutely critical for their project's success.

# The right clients people 🤝

Often some people come to us asking for "the cheapest possible" app, despite some pricing
guidelines on our website. We don't work with those clients.

We work with people that appreciate that good quality takes some time, and that are looking for someone not just to develop their product to their "exact specifications", but to help them develop their business as a whole and help them think about the project as part of our business too.

Our clients work with us because we take the effort to understand their needs, think about their problems and figure out the optimal tech solution for their specific requirements - and this includes making their apps simpler and cheaper sometimes when it needs too.

# Our people 🎳

With all that was said above, it must be becoming clear now that we don't quite just expect developers, designers and anyone else at CodeLeap to simply do their jobs and perform the tasks as asked.

A similar expectation is set for everybody that works at CodeLeap, and we should all aim to delight clients with exceptional performance.

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Atividades e Responsabilidades

# Your role

- Help us develop our client projects and create amazing tech products!

- You will be the most senior technical member of the team.

- You will work closely with our COO/CTO in leading all projects and deciding & executing solutions.

- You will be tasked to solving the most difficult problems in various projects, involving technical and product design challenges.
- You will help manage our team of 6 junior developer in all our projects.

- You will review, test and accept pull requests from all projects.

Most of our projects are mobile apps or web apps – so as a Frontend Developer you’ll be an important part of the team responsible for taking these projects from an idea to reality.

# What we offer

- 🚀 Partnership (company shares): we want you to grow with us! We will offer you shares in our company for you to participate on future profits 💰

- A fun work environment: opportunity to be part of a young and growing company. Everyone at CodeLeap is aged between 17-30 years old (although we don’t mind if you’re older). Work hard, play hard!

- Very fast growth: our company is growing really fast, by joining us you can get the opportunity to grow with us (financially and professionally) at a speed you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

- Remote job: the job is fully remote so you can work from wherever you are.

- Flexible work: we believe our developers should have the freedom to decide their own working hours and plan their own work week. If you want to take a day off – we don’t mind as long as you are taking care of your responsibilities at the job.

- English learning: we offer an English conversation sessions once a week for those who want to improve their English skills.

- Performance bonus: we offer a financial bonus based on performance – this gives you the opportunity to gain a thirteenth and fourteenth salary each year!


# Minimum requirements

- Frontend Developer with minimum 4 years’ experience.

- Advanced knowledge of React and/or React Native, JavaScript, HTML e CSS.

- Basic understanding of infrastructure deployment and maintenance.
- Some of the tools we use: AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase.

- Ability to read and write in English: our clients are mostly from the United Kingdom and
Europe, so you’ll need to be able to read and understand project documentation and client feedback in English

# Bonus points (welcome but not necessary)

- Fluent english

- Understanding of native iOS and Android development

- Owns a Mac computer and/or is familiar with Apple development

- Backend development experience

- An eye and passion for design