Backend Scala/Java EE Developer

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Salário: Até R$18.000

Aceita candidatos de outra cidade

Descrição da empresa

Trio é uma empresa sediada em Boston-EUA. Nós acreditamos e vivemos inovação, responsabilidade global e negócios justos. Somos apaixonados por superar desafios utilizando engenharia de software, visão no futuro, tecnologia de ponta e idéias criativas para desenvolver produtos incríveis.

Valorizamos a inteligência, o profissionalismo e a integridade, entre outros valores. Estamos constantemente procurando pessoas afins para ingressar no Trio e fazer parte da nossa visão de como agente fazer software. Acreditamos que, fazemos mais do que alocar nossos engenheiros de software para trabalhar nos projetos de nossos clientes - contribuímos para o progresso tecnológico e a inovação, ajudando as empresas a atingir suas metas de crescimento, fornecendo aos usuários um software sob medida.

Na Trio, nossos maiores assets são nossos engenheiros! Valorizamos seu conhecimento e habilidades - à medida que colaboramos, crescemos juntos! Junte-se a nós para descobrir oportunidades de crescimento na carreira e um salário competitivo de um engenheiro de software.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

We’re looking for an awesome Backend Developer (Scala/Java EE) to join our growing engineering team which spans Latin America. You'll need to be able to work well in a remote environment with U.S-based clients (inside the Eastern Time Zone)

# What we do

Trio is a Software Engineering start-up that provides allocation services to our clients. We are more than just a group of Software Engineers solving problems. Here, you can build possibilities.

# Our Mission

Trio's Mission is to empower people and businesses to build technology at the highest level to give everyone the opportunity to impact the world.

# Our Values

- Integrity
- Service
- Pride
- Transparency
- Excellence
- Collaboration

# The Work

In this position, you will be programming in Scala and strive to write clean, testable code that is efficient and secure. You will work with innovative technologies and cutting edge architectural patterns, such as distributed reactive systems.

If you do not know Scala, that's fine. Having recent professional and relevant experience using Java EE is a fine prerequisite for this type of work.

**Core Technologies:** Scala, Microservices, Akka (Http, Streams, Cluster), Kafka, Avro, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, ELK, Datadog

# About You

- Comfortable designing data models and working with relational and key-value datastores
- Experience building APIs
- Have an interest in functional programming
- Can embrace reactive distributed systems
- Experience designing and deploying highly available and robust systems with reliable monitoring and logging practices
- Able to navigate through ambiguity by turning business requirements into technical solutions
- Proactive and take ownership of your work from ideation to deployment
- Passionate about learning and constantly challenging yourself for continuous improvement
- Strong written and verbal communication skills

You have built useful, thoughtful web applications in the past and are able to show for it. In addition, you also embrace the following core skills:

- **Communication**  ****You can manage expectations, share ideas, ask questions and bring up concerns in a clear and timely manner
- **Self Management** - You can manage your time and get tasks done
- **Teamwork & Collaboration** - You work well with others
- **Adaptability You’re able to learn new technologies and adjust to new work environments quickly**
- **Problem Solving & Critical Thinking You’re able to solve complex problems with clean solutions while considering business objectives**

# Some of the Great Projects we have developed

- Web and mobile platforms to educate, support and inform Speech Language Pathologists in their work to teach and rehabilitate individuals ranging from children to the elderly.
- A pair of Trio engineers have created a revolutionary application for the accessibility of healthcare for patients with little or no coverage with doctors and affordable healthcare in their area.

# What we offer

- Growth Opportunities (Firm Career Path and educational courses)
- Immerse Yourself on Challenging Projects
- Flexible working hours (within the Eastern Time Zone)
- Fully remote work
- 5 National Paid Holidays of your choice
- 3 weeks of Paid Time Off
- Stability
- USD salary
- [Good working environment]( (Click to access our Glassdoor)


# Technical Requirements

- 3+ years of professional experience using Java EE **and/or** 3+ years of professional experience using Scala
- Be able to communicate in English