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Antena 1

Descrição da empresa

We are mostly Antena 1, a Brazilian radio station with a huge online audience and several filials in Brazil. But besides that we have other projects that we are taking care of.

Our biggest project is our homepage (React + Redux) and is served by node (+ express). We have about 30.000 listeners during the peak hours and we have a news section with up to date news about music and also integrate the Reuters API.
We do all the developing in house and also take care of the server.

Apart of our main page we have some side projects that use wordpress, woocommerce and codeigniter.

And we have one of the best table soccer tables here where we practice every day during lunch break.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

We need an experienced programmer that is reasonably good in front end and has a good understanding of back end stuff, and knows how to setup and maintain Linux servers.
We do all of our server management by ourselfs, so in case of problems with the page, the candidate should NOT PANIC, but rather have a good understanding of where to search for the problem, how to find and analyze log files and know when a server restart is really necessary.

If you like solving problems and find yourself in the following requirements, please get in contact with us asap :)

Requirements (please do not apply if any of the following misses):
- Fluid in English (speaking and writing)
- 3+ years of experience in related areas
- Knowledge of Linux servers (setup and maintenance)
- Knowledge of Apache and or NGINX
- Experience with MySql
- Experience with PHP
- Experience with Javascript
- Experience with html and css
- Version control
- Desire to evolve your skills and stay up to date with (web) technologies
- Strong commitment to quality (clean and readable code)
- Responsibility for your own solutions

- Server administration via Plesk
- NodeJS
- React
- Webpack
- Wordpress (custom themes and plugins)
- Woocommerce
- Git and Github
- Code testing
- Experience mentoring junior team members
- Experience leading a team
- ES6
- Higher education in computer science or similar
- Sense of creating nice UX and UI
- Experience with Agil (or similar) concepts


- Develop and maintain new pages of all types (online stores, news page, delivery platform, Blogs, ...)
- Develop new features for our existing pages (radio page, water brand, delivery network, and others)
- Maintenance of the existing pages.
- Optimization of existing pages (Frontend+Backend+Database)
- Integration with Mobile Apps
- Development of embeddable widgets (so other pages can integrate our content)
- Development and maintenance of APIs, for example to communicate with our mobile Apps.
- Eventually development and maintenance of our mobile Apps
- Communication with third party developers (for example of our mobile Apps)
- Server maintenance and optimization, updates of software and eventually upgrades of the infrastructure.
- Rescue tasks in case of server/page/software failure
- Management tasks (communication with the team, deciding task priority, implementation details, eventually business related tasks)

What we offer:
- Probably the best table soccer table in São Paulo
- Engaged and motivated, young team
- A LOT of work ;)
- Flexible working hours
- High degree of autonomy
- Participation in most decisions (features, tools, hardware, ...)
- Many different projects to work on
- Fun work environment

- to be combined