Senior Front-end/React Developer

GraphQL ReactJS TypeScript




Salário: Até R$12.000

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Descrição da empresa

The fastest way to identify anomalies and fix issues to save your digital revenue.
FunnelGuard is insurance for your digital marketing.

Find your journeys and map them with one click. See multi-channel traffic flow through your funnels on one screen. Know how much revenue passes through each campaign at any time. Get the clarity to focus your time on the funnels fueling growth.

Get useful insights and warnings on crucial goals as they happen. Find zombie funnels that bleed you dry. Pinpoint bottlenecks and broken data sources at a glance. Act quickly to save your KPIs instead of waiting for updates from other teams that come too late.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

1. Own the software and systems you are responsible for: design, develop, test, deploy, monitor, and maintain
2. Build and maintain UI/UX for product features
3. Build and maintain re-usable UI component library
4. Provide UI/UX Design Feedback
5. Collaborate with Designers, Product Managers, and other Devs
6. Production incident response
7. Serve your customers - external and internal
8 .Embody best software engineering practices and mentor others in them: code and design reviews, simple and maintainable APIs, automation and testing
9. Manage individual/team project priorities, deadlines and deliverables
10. Interface with other teams to incorporate ideas and features to meet our customers' requirements and company goals


- Minimum 8 YoE as a Software Developer
- Experience with Design Systems
- Experience building reusable UI component libraries
- Minimum 1 YoE with Typescript
- Minimum 3 YoE with React
- 4-hour overlap with Pacific Timezone working hours (8am - 6pm PT)

O que nós oferecemos

stock options, Training and Studies sponsorship, wellness allowance