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Full Stack Software Developer

GraphQL MongoDB Node.js ReactJS Styled-Components TypeScript




Salário: Até R$12.000

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Descrição da empresa

Our mission is to build an efficient and transparent hiring
model that enables teams to scale at ease.

Atividades e Responsabilidades

The Sprout.Hr team is looking for a creative, curious, and confident Full Stack Developer to join our internal engineering team. We are a fully remote talent industry-focused startup whose goal is to enhance the way technical professionals build technical teams. We work with high growth software companies to build world-class engineering teams. Help us, make people like yourself find their dream team.

If you love the ability to have an impact on product, business, and company vision, this adventure is 100% aligned for you. This communicative & engaging engineer will spend 70% of their time detailing out the frontend and 30% working with our Engineering Leader on the backend.

We are looking for engineers who are motivated by creating impact for our clients and customers, growing together as a team, shaping our MVP, and leaving things better than you found them.

We're guided by our principles including impact, growing together, embracing openness and positivity, inventing tomorrow; we’re looking for creatives who are motivated by those same principles.

What Excites You

Deep breath of knowledge in the current popular technologies
Curiosity towards learning new technologies
Building full-stack web applications using TypeScript
Having strong ownership over features and taking them from a bullet point scrawled during a brainstorming meeting to a fully functional, high-quality product
Completing projects from front-to-back
Being able to use your curious mind to brainstorm ideas, finding new ways of doing things, and solving complex technical problems

Please send the CV in english


What Excites Us

A strong sense of ownership experience building web applications using TypeScript
Experience with ReactJS (Function Components & Hooks), GraphQL (Apollo), Tailwind CSS & styled components
Experience with full-stack development, including backend experience with NodeJS (Express), MongoDB
Consistently learning and keeping up with modern methodologies/ technologies
Background in computer science, engineering, or another related field

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